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Shared child custody supported by Alabama officials

The mayors of Clanton and Maplesville understand that child custody arrangements can have a powerful effect on children's lives. The two towns promote Parental Alienation Prevention Week with an official proclamation during the week of April 23 to 29. Leaders from the justice, mental health, and other community institutions are urged to identify and combat problems associated with parental alienation and unfair child custody situations. 

In the proclamations made by the mayors, Alabama community and state leaders are called upon to support shared parenting due to the observed benefits to the child. Alabamians of the two towns reserve the entire week for the cause. A special event is also observed April 25. On that day, citizens are urged to blow Bubbles for Love. The Alabama Family Rights Organization says that the bubbles symbolize "the precious nature of childhood and the responsibility to protect our children."

Considering future expsenses during child support negotiations

When a couple with children decides to end their marriage, there are often various crucial decisions to be made that may have an impact on the future. While the division of assets and custody negotiations can be complex, other areas may also require attention. When attempting to reach an agreement concerning child support, a parent in Alabama may want to consider the future needs of his or her children.

While there are guidelines, which are governed by state laws, that assist in determining amounts for child support, governing what the money is used for is another matter entirely. In some cases, it can be difficult to prove that the other spouse is using money from child support to pay for items that do not benefit the kids. However, there are additional options available during negotiations that may help put a parent's mind at ease.

Do you really need a lawyer during divorce?

Divorce can be costly and leave people with less income than they are used to having. Some couples try to save money by working through a divorce without lawyers. While that might sound tempting now, the downsides of not having a lawyer could cause a lot of problems in the future, which will only add to the high stress and emotion you are already experiencing.

Here are some of the huge benefits to seeking a divorce lawyer, which will likely outweigh the cost itself:

Helping the kids adjust during child custody in Alabama

Many couples enter a marriage with the idea that they will be together forever. A person in Alabama may give little to no thought of what will happen in the event of a divorce. While topics such as the division of property and assets can put a strain on an individual, any financial losses may be regained over time. Concerning the topic of child custody, how a parent handles the current situation can have a lasting effect on any children involved.

There are certain measures that a parent can take that may help a child adapt to his or her new situation with less difficulty. Parents may want to speak with their children about the situation, and if a child has trouble speaking to a parent, seeking some form of therapy to help the child open up is advisable. Knowing how a child feels can be beneficial for parents who are attempting to make crucial decisions that will be in the best interests of his or her future well-being.

Whether to sell or keep the family home during divorce in Alabama

Many married couples have made the decision to buy a home. A family home often makes up a large portion of a couple's assets, and it can be difficult to divide in the event of a divorce. Deciding what to do with a home during this period can be challenging and will likely have a significant impact on their future. Individuals in Alabama who are facing a similar situation may find that there are only a couple of viable options available.

One option is to sell the house and pay off any related debt, such as a mortgage. In an ideal situation, a person can make a profit from the sale, but this may vary depending on the local housing market. In some cases, he or she may still owe on a mortgage even after the home is sold. Knowing the value of a home and how much is owed is advisable when facing negotiations.

The possible impacts of divorce on retirement in Alabama

When a couple chooses to end a marriage late in life, certain aspects of the process may have an effect on retirement. The divorce rate in couples at this stage has increased significantly over recent years. For an individual who is facing a similar circumstance in Alabama, division of property and assets will likely have an impact on his or her financial future. Careful consideration of everything involved may prove beneficial to the outcome of such a difficult situation.

Upon reaching a certain age, many people begin to put a great deal of thought into the process of retirement. Going through a divorce at this stage can alter previous plans, and there are various factors that may require attention. Understanding the value of specific assets during negotiations may help a person obtain a more equitable portion during proceedings. Certain assets may be taxed differently during divorce, and knowledge of this process may be advisable.

The benefits of a prenuptial agreement before an Alabama marriage

When two people decide to marry, change is inevitable. Merging of property and assets may be the default choice of many couples, but others may take a slightly different approach. Couples in Alabama who wish to retain specific assets in the event of divorce, or provide for their distribution in the event of death, may choose to implement a prenuptial agreement. These agreements must be handled properly, and seeking legal counsel during the process is often advisable.

Some people may view this type of contract to be adverse to the success of a marriage. This may be the case for many couples who are getting married for the first time, believing that such an agreement suggests the possibility that it will not work out. For many couples seeking this type of arrangement, this is not the case. Prenuptial agreements are typically more prevalent among those who are entering a second marriage, and many find them to be beneficial.

Outside help for property division during divorce in Alabama

Divorce can be difficult for many different reasons. For couples in Alabama who are separating, property division is a very important factor. This can be especially true when the couple own a home together. While reaching a joint decision on how to proceed with the division of assets during divorce can prove difficult, obtaining legal counsel may help smooth out the process and provide a favorable outcome for everyone involved.

For many married couples, buying a house together is a significant step. It may represent a place to start your lives together, but can cause complications if the marriage does not work out. In these scenarios, it can be hard for the couple to reach a decision on how to proceed. Deciding who will keep the house, or choosing to sell the house and divide the assets, can often lead to complicated divorce proceedings if the couple fails to reach an agreement.

Long term effects of child custody in Alabama

Divorce can have a major impact on a family. These situations can often prove to be more difficult on a child than it is for the parents. A child custody battle can be very strenuous on any children involved. Many Alabama couples find it beneficial to seek professional advice when facing a similar situation to ensure there are no negative long-term effects on their children.

Change can be difficult for anyone. In the case of divorce, it can drastically alter a person's life. For any adults involved, the process can be stressful, but may ultimately lead to a better situation. For children however, this type of change can be much more difficult. There are several factors to consider that can help to ease the situation and ensure the child's needs are attended.

Being prepared for divorce in Alabama

The decision to dissolve a marriage can be complicated. Division of property and assets can prove difficult, and have a major impact on a person's financial future. For couples in Alabama, understanding the process and everything involved can be beneficial when making the important decisions that divorce proceedings typically require.

Many couples experience difficult times in their marriage. Financial situations can be a heavy burden on a relationship, and can often lead to arguments. Holidays in particular can prove to be taxing when it comes to financial struggles. Research shows that divorce rates typically spike up to as much as 30 percent following a holiday season.

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