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April 2016 Archives

Maintaining good credit during and after an Alabama divorce

One of the most distressing aspects of any divorce is the manner in which the change in family status might affect one's credit standing. Alabama residents need good credit scores to buy homes, purchase vehicles and even to establish utility accounts in their own names. Without the proper degrees of attention and effort, divorce can cause a drop in one's credit score.

How a mortgage is affected by a couple's divorce

One of the primary concerns of any Alabama couple going through divorce is how to divide marital wealth in a manner that is fair and balanced. Often, the family home represents a significant investment during the marriage, and spouses may be at odds over how to handle the disposition of this valuable asset during divorce. Unless both spouses agree to sell the home and divide the proceeds, the mortgage on the home will pose a challenge for both parties.

Child custody case will focus on in vitro fertilization

Many Alabama couples turn to fertility procedures to increase their chances of adding to their families. In vitro fertilization is a popular option, as it allows an embryo to be created in a lab and then implanted into a woman's womb. There are a variety of possible links that a woman can have to the child she carries, from surrogacy (in which the woman has no biological link to the child) to full parenthood (the mother supplied the egg and the sperm was provided by the intended father). One recent child custody case centers on the issue of parental rights and in vitro fertilization.

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