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Do you really need a lawyer during divorce?

Divorce can be costly and leave people with less income than they are used to having. Some couples try to save money by working through a divorce without lawyers. While that might sound tempting now, the downsides of not having a lawyer could cause a lot of problems in the future, which will only add to the high stress and emotion you are already experiencing.

Here are some of the huge benefits to seeking a divorce lawyer, which will likely outweigh the cost itself:

1. They offer a perspective removed from the emotion of the situation.

While a lawyer understands how difficult this time is for you and your family, their advice and ideas will be more objective and focused on the course of action that makes the most sense for your goals. Staying focused on what's important and the steps you need to take when you are under so much stress is very difficult to do alone. A lawyer can listen to your concerns and desires to assess what your true goals are in the divorce and how you can achieve them.

2. They will make sure paperwork is filed on time.

Aside from the emotional strain, two of the most difficult parts of the divorce process are the paperwork and deadlines. Divorce involves tons of paperwork and tons of deadlines that can be hard to track but are crucial to meet. It becomes overwhelming very quickly.

A lawyer can help you complete all the necessary paperwork and make sure you are aware of any time-sensitive actions you need to take. They also know how to fill out paperwork to strengthen your side of the divorce and seek what's important to you.

3. They can better assess your assets and agreements.

Many people incorrectly value the worth of their assets. If you are trying to create a divorce agreement without help from a lawyer, this is problematic. You could end up agreeing to an unfair deal without realizing it and suffering for it later. A lawyer can recognize these mistakes and help you avoid decisions that could cost you even more in the future.

4. They are experts who do this every day.

Family law lawyers handle these types of cases all the time. They are experts with a history of successful divorce cases. If you are going to go through the divorce process, it makes sense to have someone at your side that can cover all your bases and utilize their experience to get the best outcome possible.

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