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Shared child custody supported by Alabama officials

The mayors of Clanton and Maplesville understand that child custody arrangements can have a powerful effect on children's lives. The two towns promote Parental Alienation Prevention Week with an official proclamation during the week of April 23 to 29. Leaders from the justice, mental health, and other community institutions are urged to identify and combat problems associated with parental alienation and unfair child custody situations. 

Helping the kids adjust during child custody in Alabama

Many couples enter a marriage with the idea that they will be together forever. A person in Alabama may give little to no thought of what will happen in the event of a divorce. While topics such as the division of property and assets can put a strain on an individual, any financial losses may be regained over time. Concerning the topic of child custody, how a parent handles the current situation can have a lasting effect on any children involved.

Long term effects of child custody in Alabama

Divorce can have a major impact on a family. These situations can often prove to be more difficult on a child than it is for the parents. A child custody battle can be very strenuous on any children involved. Many Alabama couples find it beneficial to seek professional advice when facing a similar situation to ensure there are no negative long-term effects on their children.

Serving divorce or child custody papers through Facebook

In certain cases, moving through the end of a marriage is a challenging process. This does not always relate to emotional matters; there are a number of practical considerations that can also pose difficulties. One of those is adhering to the rules of legal service set out in the state of Alabama. For spouses who are uncertain of their partner's address, it can be difficult or impossible to serve divorce or child custody paperwork.

How the family pediatrician can assist during child custody

For many Alabama families, taking care of the needs of their children is a top priority during divorce. Many parents are surprised that their children have trouble opening up about their thoughts or feelings related to divorce and child custody matters. This can be frustrating to parents who sincerely want to assist their children during this challenging time. Such families should consider enlisting the services of their pediatrician to open the lines of communication.

Former prostitute wins child custody case

Each and every year, thousands of Alabama parents face challenges to their child custody rights. Some cases are more complicated than others, although no parent enjoys having his or her rights questioned in a court of law. For one woman in a southern state, a recent win has restored her child custody rights after a court took issue with her former employment as a prostitute.

Same-sex couples still face child custody obstacles

Many Alabama readers are aware of the recent legal changes that have paved the way for same-sex couples to marry. Even though the United States Supreme Court has addressed the matter and concluded that same-sex couples are entitled to marry, nontraditional families still face significant legal challenges. In regard to child custody cases, spouses who live in certain states can face an uphill battle when it comes to gaining rights to their children.

Father distressed over child custody modification outcome

In a case that reached one state's highest judicial level, a man has been denied primary custody of his children, who are residing with a convicted sex offender. The matter has sparked debate across the country, as few parents in Alabama or elsewhere can imagine living in a scenario in which they are left feeling helpless to protect their children from harm. The child custody case may prompt legislative action in the state where the family resides.

Father loses child custody rights after leaving town

When parents are unable to see eye to eye concerning the care and custody of their shared child, things can quickly get out of hand. Child custody is an emotional state of affairs, and parents in Alabama and across the nation struggle to come to terms with having to share time with a former spouse or partner. It is easy to make child custody decisions that are based on emotion rather than reason, but doing so can have long-term detrimental effects to a parent's child custody rights.

Adoption challenged in unique child custody case

When it comes to virtually any legal matter, jurisdiction is everything. This is especially true in family law matters, where the laws can vary from one state to another, and where there could be a clear advantage to having a case heard in Alabama versus a different jurisdiction. An example is found in a child custody case in which an adoption was challenged and eventually overturned.

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