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5 factors that could improve your chance to collect alimony

If you are getting divorced, financial stability in the aftermath of your split can be a top concern for you. After all, you will have to support your own household without the help or contributions from a spouse, and you will have to divide your marital assets with your spouse. In light of these financial changes, you may be wondering whether you will be in a position to collect spousal maintenance, or alimony. Because this type of support is not awarded in every divorce, it can be difficult to know what to expect with regard to when alimony may be awarded. Factors that can strengthen a case for alimony Numerous factors may be considered when it comes to assessing a need for alimony, be it in the form of periodic payments or a lump sum. Some of these factors include: Being at a financial disadvantage after the divorce Being married … Continue reading 5 factors that could improve your chance to collect alimony

Understanding the potential income tax implications of divorce

During a divorce, there are a number of issues that need to be agreed upon by the two spouses. One of the biggest issues that will need to be resolved is the financial component of a divorce agreement. People often know that there will be some financial implications when going through a divorce. What they may not know is that a divorce can also affect their taxes. Both taxes and divorce are complicated topics. As with all complex subjects, a lot of questions often arise when determining how a divorce agreement impacts someone’s taxes. These are three of the most common tax issues that could arise during or after a divorce is finalized. Alimony If a spouse is ordered to pay alimony, those payments may be tax deductible. In order for the alimony to be eligible for a tax deduction, it must meet the following seven criteria established by the … Continue reading Understanding the potential income tax implications of divorce

Who gets to stay in the house after a divorce is finalized?

When thinking about assets like money, it’s relatively easy to divide it among the two spouses during a divorce. While there may be disagreements about how much each spouse is entitled to, the actual act of division can be straightforward. Other assets are harder to divide. This is especially true when it comes to the house that you and your spouse own. For many couples, the house is also the single largest piece of marital property that needs to be divided. Additionally, the strong emotional ties people have with their homes makes it something that each spouse highly values. Because of these factors, couples want to know which spouse will receive the house after the divorce is finalized. How is the house divided? If the house was purchased before your marriage by one spouse, that spouse would likely get to keep the property. The other spouse, however, may be entitled … Continue reading Who gets to stay in the house after a divorce is finalized?

Prenuptial agreements on the rise, especially among millennials

Prenuptial agreements may have once had a negative stigma attached to them. These days, an increasing number of couples are signing a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot with their partner. A recent survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) discovered that more than half of attorneys surveyed reported an increase in the number of requests for prenuptial agreements by millennials. It’s not just millennials that are increasingly using prenuptial agreements. 62% of attorneys stated that they’ve seen an increase in the number of requests for prenuptial agreements among all of their clients over the past three years. What is a prenuptial agreement? To clarify any confusion, it’s important to define what a prenuptial agreement can accomplish. A prenuptial agreement is a document that allows couples to define the terms of their marriage. They are used to protect both spouses’ property rights and ensure both parties are protected … Continue reading Prenuptial agreements on the rise, especially among millennials

Back to school time: 3 key things divorced parents can do

When parents get divorced, everyone in the family is affected in a different way. For people with school-age children, a primary concern is making sure that kids are able to keep to their routines as closely as possible. While children are incredibly adaptable, sometimes much more than adults often realize, major disruptions to their family situation can have a ripple effect on other aspects of their lives, such as success in school. All over Alabama, stores are turning their displays to back-to-school themes. While the calendar tells us it’s still the middle of summer, make no mistake: a new school year is right around the corner. And for kids who are entering their first autumn with divorced parents, this school year comes with unprecedented change. Most parents will say that there is no “good time” to get divorced when it comes to their children. However, there are some crucial issues … Continue reading Back to school time: 3 key things divorced parents can do

Common stressors in a co-parenting relationship

While divorces are hard on everyone involved, they can be especially difficult on the kids. One way to help make the divorce easier for your children to get through is by having a strong co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse. No matter how strong a co-parenting agreement may be, there are things that can create tension between the two parents. Below are four of the more common things that can cause strain in a co-parenting relationship. Putting your ex-spouse down Talking negatively about an ex-spouse in front of a child may feel good in the short term. However, doing so can hurt a child’s self-esteem. Children may feel like they’re part of the reason to blame for the negativity directed toward an ex. If there are any issues, be upfront and talk about them directly with your ex. Being proactive about discussing your concerns helps prevent them from becoming larger issues … Continue reading Common stressors in a co-parenting relationship

Child custody, divorce issues impact children’s health

Parents facing divorce must take many issues into consideration. It can be hard to balance the needs of the children as well as amicably resolving the issues of the divorce. Alabama families will sort out child custody among other divorce considerations during divorce proceedings. A recent article also reveals how a divorce can impact the future health of children of divorced parents. A new study suggests that early life stressful experiences can alter physiological and inflammatory responses in the bodies of children and make them more susceptible to poor health and chronic illness. The early stress related with a bitter divorce can possibly affect children’s lives even decades later. The study found that children of divorced parents who don’t speak are at increased risk for colds as adults. The study included more than 200 adults. It found that children of parents who lived apart and did not talk to each … Continue reading Child custody, divorce issues impact children’s health

Can I request a change to child custody orders?

Child custody is determined during the divorce process. It is always an important aspect of divorce for parents who want to remain in their child’s life. Perhaps you have joint custody over your children or maybe you are not the custodial parent and only have visitation rights. If a significant change arises in your life or the circumstances of your arrangement, you may be able to modify the original child custody orders. When can custody be modified? You cannot seek modification simply because you are unhappy with how custody was decided. There must be a change in circumstance and it must be in the child’s best interest to have a new custody arrangement. One reason you could seek a modification would be violence or abuse. If you discover that your child is being mistreated physically or mentally, you could seek a modification to custody. You could also seek modification if … Continue reading Can I request a change to child custody orders?

Singer Mandy Moore requests spousal support for pet care

Celebrities are among others in Alabama and beyond for whom divorce remains an ongoing issue. Music artists Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore recently divorced after a six-year marriage. There has been a turn of events in their situation regarding a recent legal request filed by Ms. Moore pertaining to spousal support. Ms. Moore has asked the court to order spousal support for specific needs that have arisen in the aftermath of her divorce. While this is not an uncommon request from those who have incomes far below that of their former spouses, the apparent reason for the request in this case may be a bit unique. Moore claims that she needs her former husband’s financial support in order to care of the eight pets the two acquired together during their marriage. Two dogs and six cats remain in her care; she reportedly earns far less than her former husband’s monthly … Continue reading Singer Mandy Moore requests spousal support for pet care

Child support important issue to many Alabama parents who divorce

Divorce is never easy and always a life-changing experience. Former spouses who have children together often face legal issues concerning child support, custody and visitation that can add stress to an already challenging situation. Alabama parents will want to know that there is legal help available in the area for those needing assistance during such times. At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, our experienced team of family law attorneys are dedicated to helping clients who are seeking resolution to child support issues. Sometimes, those facing such circumstances are unmarried, single parents; others are divorced and are in need of legal help to obtain financial support for their children. No matter what has led you to the legal issues you now face, you can be assured that our attorneys are prepared to offer effective representation and sound legal counsel in order to protect your rights and serve your best interests. The … Continue reading Child support important issue to many Alabama parents who divorce