Addressing issues of alimony in Alabama

Divorce is rarely, if ever, easy. Many times, Alabama couples face all sorts of complex issues requiring hours upon hours of mediation and negotiation in order to reach peaceable and amicable resolutions. A particularly challenging area of divorce involves the subject of alimony. Alimony is a court-ordered payment issued to a former spouse after divorce. It is meant to assist that spouse as he or she attempts to adjust to a new standard of living after a marriage has been dissolved. In modern times, alimony is given to former spouses of either gender; historically-speaking, it was more common for courts to award these types of payments to women. The Rose Law Firm, LLC, offers experience-based services to clients seeking guidance in matters of alimony or other issues pertaining to family law. Our attorneys understand that the court takes a variety of factors into consideration when making decisions about potential spousal … Continue reading Addressing issues of alimony in Alabama