How an affair can impact your divorce in Alabama

Finding out that your spouse has been carrying on an affair is often emotionally devastating. You likely trusted your spouse until you discovered this indiscretion, and now you feel like there is no hope for rebuilding trust and saving your marriage. That is a very common response to infidelity, and it can lead people to begin considering divorce. Infidelity is a common reason for couples to seek divorce. When one spouse cheats, the other spouse may choose to initiate a divorce. Regardless of who filed, if your spouse cheated on you, you are probably wondering if that will have any effect on the outcome of your divorce. While every divorce case is unique, there are certain standards in place. The courts generally do not take marital misconduct into consideration Understanding how an affair will impact a divorce means looking at each contested area in your divorce carefully. The two most … Continue reading How an affair can impact your divorce in Alabama

You may not be responsible for malicious spending by your ex

Splitting up your possessions and debts from your marriage can be a contentious issue in divorce. After all, money often plays a major factor in the breakdown of marriages. Whether one of you has trouble spending money or can’t seem to save any money, financial disparities can cause major marital strife. Now that you are on track for a divorce, you probably worry about whether you will get held responsible for your spouse’s habits and debts. Depending on your situation, it may be possible for you to avoid responsibility for certain debts during an Alabama divorce. The courts will do their best to split your assets and debts fairly Alabama uses an equitable distribution standard for the assets and debts of couples going through divorce. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement on record, the courts will look at certain factors from your marriage and determine a fair manner in which … Continue reading You may not be responsible for malicious spending by your ex