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Child support modification: These tips will help

Are you expected to pay child support each month? Have you come to find that you’re unable to comfortably make payments as the result of a major change in your life’s circumstances? In the meantime, you need to do whatever it takes to make your payments in full. If this isn’t possible, send as much money as you can manage until you are able to get back onto your financial feet again. But you should be aware that you might have an option available to lower your monthly child support obligations. There is no guarantee that the court will approve a child support modification, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking action. If this is something you need to improve your financial situation, here are some steps to take: Act quickly to avoid arrearages from accruing. If you think you need a child support modification you shouldn’t wait a single … Continue reading Child support modification: These tips will help

Children of divorcing parents have rights, too

Adults going through divorce are often preoccupied with their own agendas and rights. When you have children, you must think beyond yourself and prioritize your children. They have rights that you need to remember and respect when you are going through a divorce. There are many things that you have to consider when kids are put in this position. They didn’t ask for the divorce, but they have to deal with the impacts. Here are some of the rights you need to respect while you are divorcing: Right to see extended family members Just because you are divorcing doesn’t mean that your children should be forbidden from seeing extended family members. Cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members are still important for children so find ways to allow them to keep these relationships strong. You should also encourage the relationship between your child and your ex. A child custody … Continue reading Children of divorcing parents have rights, too

What happens with retirement accounts or pensions in a divorce?

Other than your marital home, your retirement account or pension is probably the biggest single asset you’ve accrued over the course of your working life and your marriage. You’ve probably spent years investing and saving for your potential retirement. When you divorce, it’s only normal to want to know what you’ll have to work with to rebuild. Unless you have a valid prenuptial agreement, chances are good that the courts will decide how to handle the division of your assets. Since every couple has unique assets and circumstances, every divorce has a unique outcome. However, understanding the laws about equitable distribution in Alabama can help you understand what will probably happen with your retirement account or pension. The courts won’t care whose name is on the account One common misconception among people approaching divorce is that retirement accounts held in one spouse’s name are separate property. Some retirement funds could … Continue reading What happens with retirement accounts or pensions in a divorce?

Handling emotions: Dealing with a contentious divorce

No one wants to think about divorcing when they get married, but the reality is that many marriages will end in divorce. Time sometimes changes people, and that can mean that you end up facing a frustrating, contentious divorce. It’s always in a couple’s better interests to be civil to one another during a divorce. Not being civil can cause a divorce to drag on for months or years longer than necessary. Being unwilling to negotiate is another factor that slows down property division and can strain your relationship with your children or others in your family. How can you deal with your emotions during a contentious divorce? The first thing to do is to recognize that there are some people who will always try to create drama or problems in a relationship. The important thing is to make sure you rise above that. Be the better person and be … Continue reading Handling emotions: Dealing with a contentious divorce

How do Alabama courts handle your retirement accounts?

Other than custody and visitation regarding children from your marriage, the division of your assets is usually the most contentious aspect of a divorce. If you and your spouse have a standing prenuptial agreement, it helps to ensure that you know what to expect. Similarly, if you agree to terms for asset division before filing, it could simplify the process. In most other cases, the courts will need to intervene and make decisions about how to allocate both assets and debts. Many people facing divorce worry about their marital home. The next biggest asset many couples develop during marriage is usually a retirement or investment account. Understanding how Alabama courts handle asset division and how they view your retirement account will help you understand the most likely outcome for your retirement funds. Alabama focuses on equitable distribution in divorce The law in Alabama instructs family court judges to consider a … Continue reading How do Alabama courts handle your retirement accounts?

3 ways to keep the kids happy during divorce

Divorce is a disruptive process. It may mean your children see you or your spouse less often. It can mean you have less time together with your kids and that you have limited patience with them or others because of your situation. It’s always important to put your children first, even if you’re feeling stressed. Remember, their lives are changing, and unless they’re approaching adulthood, they likely have very little say in what happens next. What can you do to make your kids happier during divorce? Here are a few tips that could help. 1. Stay active in your child’s life Sometimes, divorcees need time away. They may move into new houses or try to avoid seeing their spouses. The problem is that, if you have children, you aren’t in the same home as often. You’ll see your kids less, and they could feel abandoned. If you decide to move … Continue reading 3 ways to keep the kids happy during divorce

How Alabama courts handle asset division in a divorce

Choosing to divorce in Alabama can be a difficult decision. Much like marrying, divorcing is a legally binding process that requires preparation and careful consideration. Once you know that divorce is inevitable in your marriage, however, you’re going to start wondering about the potential outcome of the process. There are many uncertainties involved in divorce, including custody of minor children, child and spousal support (alimony), and division of your marital assets and debts. While every marriage is inherently unique, knowing how the courts approach asset division in Alabama can help you understand the likely outcome of your divorce. Even if you can’t predict exactly what terms the courts will set, barring the existence of a valid prenuptial agreement, you can create an informed guess about the potential outcome of asset division when you understand state laws on the topic. Alabama is an equitable distribution state State law in Alabama requires … Continue reading How Alabama courts handle asset division in a divorce

3 moves to help alleviate financial headaches during divorce

Going through divorce is a difficult experience emotionally for both spouses. Additionally, there can be significant financial burdens for those couples who are navigating through divorce proceedings. Fortunately, taking a few proactive measures can help you limit the financial headaches that divorce can cause. 1. Check your joint accounts During your marriage, you and your spouse likely opened joint credit cards together. Now that you are divorcing, it is time to begin separating your finances from your spouse’s. The first thing you should do is to begin to close or freeze any joint credit accounts you have together. If you both share an account, you may be responsible for any irresponsible spending or debt that your partner incurs. It is also a good idea to remove your spouse as an authorized user on any of your personal accounts. If you are worried about your spouse opening up additional lines of … Continue reading 3 moves to help alleviate financial headaches during divorce

Planning to file for divorce in 2018? Do these 3 things first

There is typically an increase in the number of new divorce filings early in the year. This may be partly due to people waiting for the holidays to end, while others may simply have simply resolved to make a major change in their lives. In fact, because divorces are so common early in the year, some family law attorneys refer to the first working Monday of the year as “Divorce Day.” If you are thinking about filing for divorce in 2018, you may wonder what steps you should perform before initiating the process. Taking these three actions early in the year can help prepare for the process. 1. Collect Your Financial Data One of the biggest issues that spouses need to resolve is the distribution of assets. Taking inventory of your income, debts, expenses and savings will help streamline the divorce process on your end. This information can also be … Continue reading Planning to file for divorce in 2018? Do these 3 things first

How the tax overhaul affects alimony payments

When the GOP passed its tax bill last December, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the reduction in rates for individuals and businesses. What has received less attention is how some tax deductions would be reduced or eliminated altogether. One implication of these changes impacts people who pay alimony to an ex-spouse. The three types of alimony in Alabama While it is not a feature of every divorce, there may be three different types of alimony (also known as spousal support) awarded to a spouse during divorce proceedings: Rehabilitative: This is a temporary form of alimony awarded to a spouse to help them transition into their new life after divorce. Periodic: This is often a longer-term form of alimony that a judge may award to a spouse who stopped working to care for the couple’s children or home. Alimony in gross: When disputes over the distribution of property arise … Continue reading How the tax overhaul affects alimony payments