How do Alabama courts handle your retirement accounts?

Other than custody and visitation regarding children from your marriage, the division of your assets is usually the most contentious aspect of a divorce. If you and your spouse have a standing prenuptial agreement, it helps to ensure that you know what to expect. Similarly, if you agree to terms for asset division before filing, it could simplify the process. In most other cases, the courts will need to intervene and make decisions about how to allocate both assets and debts. Many people facing divorce worry about their marital home. The next biggest asset many couples develop during marriage is usually a retirement or investment account. Understanding how Alabama courts handle asset division and how they view your retirement account will help you understand the most likely outcome for your retirement funds. Alabama focuses on equitable distribution in divorce The law in Alabama instructs family court judges to consider a … Continue reading How do Alabama courts handle your retirement accounts?

Blended families have it harder

We’ve all heard the statistic that says 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Additionally, a person who is divorced once is more likely to divorce in their second marriage. However, numbers only tell part of the story. A subsequent effect of divorce is the creation of blended families as parents with children from previous marriages build a household together. The dynamics of a blended family are different from a traditional nuclear family because more than one set of parents and children must now be considered in arrangements. The decisions of biological parents and the influence of stepparents can create tensions between households, and the potential for conflict is not going away soon. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of Americans have a step-relative in their immediate family, and the potential for problems arises because stepparents don’t proactively attempt to resolve issues between households, leading to a higher … Continue reading Blended families have it harder

3 ways to keep the kids happy during divorce

Divorce is a disruptive process. It may mean your children see you or your spouse less often. It can mean you have less time together with your kids and that you have limited patience with them or others because of your situation. It’s always important to put your children first, even if you’re feeling stressed. Remember, their lives are changing, and unless they’re approaching adulthood, they likely have very little say in what happens next. What can you do to make your kids happier during divorce? Here are a few tips that could help. 1. Stay active in your child’s life Sometimes, divorcees need time away. They may move into new houses or try to avoid seeing their spouses. The problem is that, if you have children, you aren’t in the same home as often. You’ll see your kids less, and they could feel abandoned. If you decide to move … Continue reading 3 ways to keep the kids happy during divorce