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Blended families have it harder

We’ve all heard the statistic that says 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Additionally, a person who is divorced once is more likely to divorce in their second marriage. However, numbers only tell part of the story. A subsequent effect of divorce is the creation of blended families as parents with children from previous marriages build a household together. The dynamics of a blended family are different from a traditional nuclear family because more than one set of parents and children must now be considered in arrangements. The decisions of biological parents and the influence of stepparents can create tensions between households, and the potential for conflict is not going away soon. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of Americans have a step-relative in their immediate family, and the potential for problems arises because stepparents don’t proactively attempt to resolve issues between households, leading to a higher … Continue reading Blended families have it harder

How co-parents can keep the peace this holiday season

After divorce, parents may seek to come together to develop a co-parenting agreement. These co-parenting agreements allow both spouses to remain involved in their children’s lives. While there may be some awkwardness at first, parents that work together to foster a collaborative parenting environment can be beneficial for their kids. Studies have found that children with parents that have a co-parenting agreement in place have less anxiety and greater emotional wellbeing. While there are some stressors managing a co-parenting agreement from day to day, those stressors become amplified during the holiday season. Taking these actions can help you avoid an argument with your ex-spouse and make the holidays more joyful for you and your children. Discuss arrangements as soon as possible One reason that disagreements can escalate into full-blown arguments is that couples delay discussing holiday agreements until the last minute. Instead, proactively reach out to your ex-spouse to begin … Continue reading How co-parents can keep the peace this holiday season

Who gets to stay in the house after a divorce is finalized?

When thinking about assets like money, it’s relatively easy to divide it among the two spouses during a divorce. While there may be disagreements about how much each spouse is entitled to, the actual act of division can be straightforward. Other assets are harder to divide. This is especially true when it comes to the house that you and your spouse own. For many couples, the house is also the single largest piece of marital property that needs to be divided. Additionally, the strong emotional ties people have with their homes makes it something that each spouse highly values. Because of these factors, couples want to know which spouse will receive the house after the divorce is finalized. How is the house divided? If the house was purchased before your marriage by one spouse, that spouse would likely get to keep the property. The other spouse, however, may be entitled … Continue reading Who gets to stay in the house after a divorce is finalized?