What happens with retirement accounts or pensions in a divorce?

Other than your marital home, your retirement account or pension is probably the biggest single asset you’ve accrued over the course of your working life and your marriage. You’ve probably spent years investing and saving for your potential retirement. When you divorce, it’s only normal to want to know what you’ll have to work with to rebuild. Unless you have a valid prenuptial agreement, chances are good that the courts will decide how to handle the division of your assets. Since every couple has unique assets and circumstances, every divorce has a unique outcome. However, understanding the laws about equitable distribution in Alabama can help you understand what will probably happen with your retirement account or pension. The courts won’t care whose name is on the account One common misconception among people approaching divorce is that retirement accounts held in one spouse’s name are separate property. Some retirement funds could … Continue reading What happens with retirement accounts or pensions in a divorce?

Handling emotions: Dealing with a contentious divorce

No one wants to think about divorcing when they get married, but the reality is that many marriages will end in divorce. Time sometimes changes people, and that can mean that you end up facing a frustrating, contentious divorce. It’s always in a couple’s better interests to be civil to one another during a divorce. Not being civil can cause a divorce to drag on for months or years longer than necessary. Being unwilling to negotiate is another factor that slows down property division and can strain your relationship with your children or others in your family. How can you deal with your emotions during a contentious divorce? The first thing to do is to recognize that there are some people who will always try to create drama or problems in a relationship. The important thing is to make sure you rise above that. Be the better person and be … Continue reading Handling emotions: Dealing with a contentious divorce