What you need to know about dividing your home in an AL divorce

For the average family considering divorce in Alabama, child custody and splitting up assets are the two biggest issues. When it comes to asset division, the biggest source of contention is often the marital home. After all, your house is likely the most expensive purchase you made during your marriage. Your monthly mortgage payment probably represents a significant amount of your monthly income. It is only natural and normal to want to receive a fair amount of the equity you have built up in your home during the course of your marriage. Informing yourself about Alabama laws and how the courts handle them can help you understand the likely outcome of your divorce. It is important to understand, however, that every divorce is unique and there is no guarantee about how the courts will rule on asset division in any given case. Alabama courts look for a way to split … Continue reading What you need to know about dividing your home in an AL divorce

Child custody modifications for Alabama fathers

Many fathers in the state of Alabama feel frustrated that they do not have enough time with their child because of the current child custody set-up. Often, if biological parents have split up while the child was still very young, for one reason or another, the mother will become the primary custodian and spend more than 50 percent of the time with that child. However, it is generally regarded to be in the best interests of the child to have equal bonding time with both parents. It is quite common for fathers in Alabama to decide to push forward with filing for joint custody as the child gets older. There are many benefits for both the parents and the child when it comes to joint custody. It means that the parents are better able to work toward parenting decisions together, and that the child is able to spend quality time … Continue reading Child custody modifications for Alabama fathers