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Planning to file for divorce in 2018? Do these 3 things first

There is typically an increase in the number of new divorce filings early in the year. This may be partly due to people waiting for the holidays to end, while others may simply have simply resolved to make a major change in their lives.

In fact, because divorces are so common early in the year, some family law attorneys refer to the first working Monday of the year as “Divorce Day.”

5 key things to know about the adoption tax credit

There was some concern as the recently pass tax billed made its way through Congress that the adoption tax credit would be discontinued. Fortunately, for parents who are thinking about adoption, legislators preserved the credit.

While we know that the adoption tax credit is still available to for families, there remains a great deal of confusion surrounding it. Below are elements of the tax credit that adoptive parents should be aware of:

How the tax overhaul affects alimony payments

When the GOP passed its tax bill last December, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the reduction in rates for individuals and businesses.

What has received less attention is how some tax deductions would be reduced or eliminated altogether. One implication of these changes impacts people who pay alimony to an ex-spouse.

5 factors that could improve your chance to collect alimony

If you are getting divorced, financial stability in the aftermath of your split can be a top concern for you. After all, you will have to support your own household without the help or contributions from a spouse, and you will have to divide your marital assets with your spouse.

In light of these financial changes, you may be wondering whether you will be in a position to collect spousal maintenance, or alimony. Because this type of support is not awarded in every divorce, it can be difficult to know what to expect with regard to when alimony may be awarded.

How co-parents can keep the peace this holiday season

After divorce, parents may seek to come together to develop a co-parenting agreement. These co-parenting agreements allow both spouses to remain involved in their children's lives.

While there may be some awkwardness at first, parents that work together to foster a collaborative parenting environment can be beneficial for their kids. Studies have found that children with parents that have a co-parenting agreement in place have less anxiety and greater emotional wellbeing.

Tips for taking some heat out of heated custody exchanges

Sharing custody of a child can be an incredible challenge for parents across Alabama, especially if the parents do not get along with each other. Under these circumstances, exchanging custody can be particularly contentious and heated.

In some cases, parents can set aside their animosity for the brief time they are in contact with each other. In other cases, this is all but impossible. If you fall into the latter of these groups, then you might want to consider ways of making exchanges less volatile. 

How can I avoid delays in my divorce?

Once you or your spouse files for divorce, you might want the whole thing to be over as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

However, this can be more difficult than you expect if you run into complications or issues that delay your divorce. While you may not be able to avoid every obstacle that arises in a divorce, there are some steps you can take to ensure you are not holding up the legal process unnecessarily.

9 social media mistakes that can hurt you in a divorce

Social media can be a source of great comfort and support when people are going through difficult situations, including divorce. It can also give people an outlet to vent their anger and frustration. Because of this, many people going through a divorce often turn to social media.

However, social media can also do considerable damage to your case if you engage in certain behaviors or post certain types of information. In fact, you could wind up damaging your reputation in the eyes of the court, revealing lies you might have told or even jeopardizing your rights as a parent.

Understanding the potential income tax implications of divorce

During a divorce, there are a number of issues that need to be agreed upon by the two spouses. One of the biggest issues that will need to be resolved is the financial component of a divorce agreement.

People often know that there will be some financial implications when going through a divorce. What they may not know is that a divorce can also affect their taxes.

Who gets to stay in the house after a divorce is finalized?

When thinking about assets like money, it's relatively easy to divide it among the two spouses during a divorce. While there may be disagreements about how much each spouse is entitled to, the actual act of division can be straightforward.

Other assets are harder to divide. This is especially true when it comes to the house that you and your spouse own.

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