Marissa Jamieson

Attorney Marissa Jamieson

Postion: Associate Attorney

Birmingham, Alabama


Meet Marissa Jamieson, a full-time family law attorney, wife, and mother. Marissa’s vibrant personality is matched only by her extensive life experiences, making her a skilled, versatile, and multifaceted advocate. The daughter of a police officer, she spent 14 years in law enforcement herself before finding her true calling in the legal field and switching careers. Today, thanks to her time as an officer, legal experience, and degrees in social and behavioral sciences, Marissa is exceptionally skilled in the reading of people and situations, investigation, negotiation, advanced questioning, and more. These abilities have made her a standout in both the courtroom, and negotiation table, as attested by her clients. As for higher education, she received her undergraduate degree from UAB and Juris Doctorate from  Birmingham School of Law where she received many awards and graduated at the top of her class. As for her personal life, she is the mother to four boys she shares with her husband, David, who’s also an attorney. Outside the courtroom, you’ll often find her at the hockey rink, as a devoted fan and season ticket holder for the Birmingham Bulls. Her love for ice hockey even led her to take up ice skating and she takes lessons in her spare time. As for hobbies, she regularly enjoys Yoga and Pilates as well as going on RV adventures with her husband, boys, and Chihuahua, Pippa. In short, if you’re looking for an experienced, skilled, and empathetic attorney to handle your family law matter, call Marissa today.