Protecting The Interests Of Clients On Both Sides Of Alabama Domestic Violence Cases

Alabama law enforcement officials take accusations of domestic violence very seriously. If they respond to a domestic violence call, there’s a good chance that they will remove someone from the home. Even if no one has been injured, police and sheriff’s deputies will err on the side of caution in order to ensure that there is no further risk of violence after they leave.

A person who is removed from the home on suspicion of domestic violence can face severe penalties as well as the risk of not seeing his or her children until the criminal process has run its course. There are two sides to every domestic violence situation, and parties on both sides deserve strong, results-oriented representation. At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, we provide proactive representation to victims as well as alleged abusers in all types of these cases.

Providing Strong, Results-Oriented Representation

We work closely with every client to fully understand the situation and the alleged violence that took place. If you were the victim of violence, we will take steps to obtain a protection from abuse order (PFA) and any other actions that can help ensure your safety. If you have been served with a restraining order, we will work to protect your interests, including access to your children.

Our dedicated Alabama family law attorneys understand the fear and anxiety that our clients often experience in these situations. We’ll be there beside you at every step, constantly working to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf. No matter which side of the case you may be on, we will pursue every available option in an effort to protect your rights, your safety and your future.

Discuss Your Domestic Violence Concerns With One Of Our Attorneys

We invite you to contact our office in Birmingham to discuss your domestic violence case with a lawyer. We offer a free, in-person consultation where you can get honest answers to your questions and learn more about your legal options. You can reach us by phone at 205-323-1124 or via email. A representative of The Rose Law Firm is available at any time, day or night, to help you schedule an appointment.