Some Basic Planning Can Go A Long Way Before You File For Divorce

The thought of divorce can be extremely intimidating. If you’ve decided that ending the marriage is the best option for you, however, there are certain steps you can take now to give yourself the best chance at a bright future after the divorce has been finalized. At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, we represent clients across Alabama in all aspects of family law and divorce. The following is a brief list of the things you can do in anticipation of filing for divorce.

1. Talk to a qualified Alabama divorce attorney.
Talking to an attorney as soon as you decide to file for divorce can help you formulate your plan and provide valuable insight into your legal options. We offer free consultations where you can learn more about how we can help you and what you can do to protect your own interests at every stage of the process.

2. Assemble financial documents.
Many spouses — especially the higher wage earners — keep personal financial information private. Gather all of the documentation you can, including tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, insurance policies, investment summaries, mortgage statements and credit card statements. A copy of your spouse’s original employment agreement can also provide valuable insight into stock options and other benefits of which you may not be aware.

3. Establish your own credit.
Some married couples operate exclusively on joint bank and credit accounts — or even have one spouse as a co-signer on an account that is owned by the other. If you are planning to file for divorce, now is the time to apply for your own credit cards and open your own bank accounts. Doing so can allow you access to credit that you may not have been able to get as a single person.

4. Go back to school or brush up your job skills.
People who have primarily focused on caring for the children and home can often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to finding employment. If you take some time now to complete your degree or learn some marketable job skills, it can go a long way toward helping you secure employment after the divorce.

5. Protect your personal property.
In every Alabama asset division proceeding, there are two types of property: marital property and separate property. Separate property includes anything you owned independently prior to the marriage. You have the right to keep it after you are divorced. Take time now to create an inventory of your separate property and locate any supporting documentation that may be available.

6. Make plans for where you and your children will stay after the divorce.
If you have children and intend to seek custody, having a place to stay is important. Whether you plan to initially stay with family until you find your own housing or you already have an apartment lined up, showing that the children will have a stable home with you after the divorce will only benefit your case.

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