Protecting Your 401(k) And Other Retirement Accounts In Alabama Divorce Cases

There is frequently a great deal of confusion surrounding retirement accounts and what portion, if any, may be eligible for division in the event of a divorce. The length of the marriage, the type of account in question, when the account was established and under whose name, when contributions were made and how much they appreciated, and other factors all come into play in these cases.

These are extremely complex matters, and it is essential that you have a reliable Alabama family law attorney representing you from the outset. At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, we have extensive experience handling complex property division involving all types of assets. We understand Alabama’s complex laws in these cases, and you can rely on us to pursue the best available outcome on your behalf.

Identifying And Dividing Eligible Portions Of Alabama Retirement Accounts

Under the law, any portion of a retirement account that was in place prior to the marriage will remain the participant spouse’s separate property. If the couple has been married at least 10 years, the amount that the account has grown during the course of the marriage can be divided by the court at its sole discretion, unless the couple has reached an independent agreement on the matter.

When you hire our firm, we will review the 401(k) accounts, pensions and other retirement accounts that are eligible for division and determine the value of the divisible portions. Whether you are the nonparticipant spouse seeking a share of the retirement accounts or the participant spouse concerned with protecting your retirement savings, we’ll present the strongest possible argument in support of your position.

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