Help With Estates And Wills In Birmingham

If you have been recently divorced, you may want to consider revising your will. When married people prepare a last will and testament, the beneficiaries typically include their spouses. In the midst of a divorce, it can be easy to forget about a will that no longer reflects their wishes. If you don’t take steps to update your will, all of the provisions you made for your former spouse will be honored.

At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, we dedicate our entire practice to Alabama family law. Our estate and will modification attorneys in Birmingham understand how easy it can be to focus so strongly on getting through your divorce that important details get missed. We keep track of those details for you and work to ensure that everything is in order as you transition into life after divorce.

The Benefits Of Updating Your Will

In addition to removing any provisions for your former spouse from your will, you can also accomplish a number of other things when you make your updates. If your wishes have changed with regard to the property you want to leave for each beneficiary, or you wish to change the people you have chosen to care for your minor children, you can make those changes at the same time.

We have extensive experience helping clients update their wills following a divorce. We advise you on the common issues that need to be addressed and ask you specific questions about your will to ensure that the revised document is an accurate indication of your current wishes.

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