Do You Need To Modify A Trust After Divorce?

When a trust is established, there are specific instructions included with regard to how the trust assets are to be distributed, to whom and at what time. It is the trustee’s duty to follow these instructions precisely. In cases where the grantor of the trust is married at the time the trust is established, the instructions for the trust may need to be changed or the trust dissolved completely if he or she gets divorced.

There are certain steps that need to be taken in order to modify a trust, and the process can be quite complex for people who are not familiar with the law. After divorce, a trust modification attorney in Birmingham can help to ensure that your interests and the interests of your beneficiaries are protected.

Skillful Representation For Trust Modification Issues

At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, we help clients who are getting divorced to make the necessary changes to their trusts. Our complete understanding of the law concerning these matters combined with our years of experience in Alabama family law allows us to handle these types of modifications efficiently and effectively.

We work closely with you to fully understand how you want the new trust to function. We listen carefully to your goals and help you update the trust documents to clearly reflect how you want the trust assets to be handled going forward.

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