Jennifer Lopez divorce case comes to an end

Jennifer Lopez is well-known in today’s society, from being a recording artist to being an actress and a fashion icon. Most Alabama residents may remember Lopez for her hit roles in the movie “Selena” and the TV show “In Living Color.” In spite of her successful career, she and recording artist Marc Anthony’s divorce became finalized after the two had been separated for three years. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separated back in the summer of 2011 and, as of 2012, Anthony officially filed for divorce. According to reports, the court granted the parents joint custody of their twin son and daughter. The agreement states that Lopez will keep the children a majority of the time, and Anthony will keep them for seven days each month. In addition, neither of the two will be obligated to pay alimony or child support. In the midst of the divorce, both recording artists … Continue reading Jennifer Lopez divorce case comes to an end

Alabama parents can learn from child support arrests

Child support payments play a vital role in providing kids with basic necessities such as food and clothing. Since child support payments are so important, Alabama parents who fail to pay can be arrested. Recently, police officers in another state arrested six parents for failure to pay support and posted it on twitter. The Child Support Enforcement Agency and a County Sheriff’s Department in that state joined forces to keep the public up-to-date on the arrests of several noncustodial parents who were not adhering to court orders to make child support payments. Authorities called this feature a “virtual ride along” for those following the officers. These arrests were not just open and shut since a number of these individuals were not so easy to locate. The goal of this North Carolina effort is to enforce penalties for parents who are not supporting their children. The department believes that showing these … Continue reading Alabama parents can learn from child support arrests