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Child support important issue to many Alabama parents who divorce

Divorce is never easy and always a life-changing experience. Former spouses who have children together often face legal issues concerning child support, custody and visitation that can add stress to an already challenging situation. Alabama parents will want to know that there is legal help available in the area for those needing assistance during such times. At The Rose Law Firm, LLC, our experienced team of family law attorneys are dedicated to helping clients who are seeking resolution to child support issues. Sometimes, those facing such circumstances are unmarried, single parents; others are divorced and are in need of legal help to obtain financial support for their children. No matter what has led you to the legal issues you now face, you can be assured that our attorneys are prepared to offer effective representation and sound legal counsel in order to protect your rights and serve your best interests. The … Continue reading Child support important issue to many Alabama parents who divorce

Child support guidance in Alabama

According to some estimates, nearly one out of every two marriages in Alabama and elsewhere end in divorce. Many couples who choose to divorce have children together. Most desire to keep the best interests and overall well-being of their kids at heart when attempting to negotiate issues regarding child support, visitation and other matters concerning the future raising and upbringing of their children. After divorce, both parents bear responsibility to financially provide for their children. In the state of Alabama, there are statutory guidelines used to determine arrangements concerning child support payments. Certain key factors are taken into consideration by a court when making such decisions. The income of each parent, how many children are in need of support and how much time each parent spends caring for the children are all factors in determining child support. At the Rose Law Firm, LLC, a dedicated team of attorneys is prepared … Continue reading Child support guidance in Alabama

Former spouse appeals to court to modify child support

A recent court ruling outside the state of Alabama denied a man’s request to lower his child support obligation, as well as mandated that he pay his former wife’s attorney fees. According to reports, it is not the first time the defendant has requested that the court modify child support in his case. He has set forth an appeal in the recent court decisions. An appellate panel has concluded that a court order, mandating the former husband to pay $1,500 in legal fees — for the woman to whom he was previously married — and denying his request to lower child support payments, has been erroneously issued. According to reports, the court denied the man’s formal requests due to the fact that they were repetitive. The court further stated that it had already denied similar requests from the defendant in the recent past. Apparently, the children involved in the dispute … Continue reading Former spouse appeals to court to modify child support

Alabama parents can land in jail for back child support payments

Child support discussions usually come up when a marriage or relationship ends and children are involved. Courts usually order child support to be paid to the parent who has full custody of the child. Unfortunately, there are times when the parents who are responsible for paying child support end up in a financial spot, resulting in delinquency of child support payments. However, Alabama parents who intentionally fail to meet their obligations could be charged for non-payment of child support. A 41-year-old father found himself in a bind when he was unable to pay child support. In September of last year, the man entered a plea of guilty for failure to pay over $87,000 in back child support payments. He was sentenced to probation and, under the agreement, he was required to obtain employment and pay the money back. However, he did not adhere to the agreement and did not secure … Continue reading Alabama parents can land in jail for back child support payments

Alabama parents can learn from child support arrests

Child support payments play a vital role in providing kids with basic necessities such as food and clothing. Since child support payments are so important, Alabama parents who fail to pay can be arrested. Recently, police officers in another state arrested six parents for failure to pay support and posted it on twitter. The Child Support Enforcement Agency and a County Sheriff’s Department in that state joined forces to keep the public up-to-date on the arrests of several noncustodial parents who were not adhering to court orders to make child support payments. Authorities called this feature a “virtual ride along” for those following the officers. These arrests were not just open and shut since a number of these individuals were not so easy to locate. The goal of this North Carolina effort is to enforce penalties for parents who are not supporting their children. The department believes that showing these … Continue reading Alabama parents can learn from child support arrests

Court: Donor must pay child support, despite waiving rights

The face of the American family is changing. Many families are being started and grown through adoption, surrogacy or using a sperm donor. Regardless of a biological connection, two people still consider themselves parents and work to build a family. Under these arrangements, biological parents are typically absolved of any financial responsibility to the children because they aren’t legally — or practically — considered parents. However, a recent family law case is creating a stir across the country. A man, who acted as a sperm donor and waived all of his parental rights with a contract, is now being held liable for child support payments by the state of Kansas. Two women, who were in a committed relationship, sought a sperm donor in order to start a family together. They eventually found a private donor, signed a contract and successfully had a child. At a certain point, the two women … Continue reading Court: Donor must pay child support, despite waiving rights

Alabama’s top court overturns decades-old family law precedent

Parents who are thinking about college tuition know that it’s a major financial burden, and it’s only expected to become more significant as time passes. The idea of providing children with financial support for tuition may seem even more uncertain when parents are filing for divorce. Alabama parents who are considering a request for educational support during divorce may be interested in a recent court decision that could alter their plans. Turning over a precedent set in 1989, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that family law judges cannot order parents to make educational support payments for children over the age of 19. Unlike most states, the age of majority is 19 in Alabama. Customarily, child support payments made to the custodial parents would end when children reach this age. However, under the old legal precedent, judges had the authority to order parents to contribute to college tuition for as long … Continue reading Alabama’s top court overturns decades-old family law precedent

Charlie Sheen resolves complex child support dispute — for now

Celebrities have the kind of public exposure many Birmingham residents can’t relate to. Yet stars experience family-related issues that are familiar to private citizens. Charlie Sheen’s ongoing dispute with his ex-wife is one example that provides insight into common family law issues. According to reports, Sheen recently lowered his child support obligation to his ex-wife. Under the old court-ordered child support arrangement, the actor paid $55,000 per month to his former spouse. Now, those monthly payments have been reduced by more than half. This agreement was reached out of court. Sheen has been attempting to reduce his child support obligations because his children don’t live with his ex-wife. In fact, the kids are currently living with his other ex-wife, Denise Richards, with whom he has an amicable relationship. Family law observers noted that Sheen could have gone to court to have his payments eliminated, but chose to mediate a deal … Continue reading Charlie Sheen resolves complex child support dispute — for now