Child support guidance in Alabama

According to some estimates, nearly one out of every two marriages in Alabama and elsewhere end in divorce. Many couples who choose to divorce have children together. Most desire to keep the best interests and overall well-being of their kids at heart when attempting to negotiate issues regarding child support, visitation and other matters concerning the future raising and upbringing of their children.

After divorce, both parents bear responsibility to financially provide for their children. In the state of Alabama, there are statutory guidelines used to determine arrangements concerning child support payments. Certain key factors are taken into consideration by a court when making such decisions. The income of each parent, how many children are in need of support and how much time each parent spends caring for the children are all factors in determining child support.

At the Rose Law Firm, LLC, a dedicated team of attorneys is prepared to offer guidance to clients facing issues of child support, custody, visitation or other matters of family law. We are committed to acting on your behalf to ensure that your parental rights are protected. We understand that your children are your priority, and we are able to offer effective representation in order to pursue an agreeable and positive outcome for your family.

In Alabama, you can contact our office by phone or through use of the online contact form accessible on our website. Whether you are in need of establishing arrangements for the future financial care of your children or wish to request a modification of an existing court order, the Rose Law Firm, LLC is available to assist you. Our legal team can help remove some of the burden often associated with the legal processes of filing for child support or requesting changes due to personal or professional circumstances.