Charlie Sheen resolves complex child support dispute — for now

Celebrities have the kind of public exposure many Birmingham residents can’t relate to. Yet stars experience family-related issues that are familiar to private citizens. Charlie Sheen’s ongoing dispute with his ex-wife is one example that provides insight into common family law issues.

According to reports, Sheen recently lowered his child support obligation to his ex-wife. Under the old court-ordered child support arrangement, the actor paid $55,000 per month to his former spouse. Now, those monthly payments have been reduced by more than half. This agreement was reached out of court.

Sheen has been attempting to reduce his child support obligations because his children don’t live with his ex-wife. In fact, the kids are currently living with his other ex-wife, Denise Richards, with whom he has an amicable relationship. Family law observers noted that Sheen could have gone to court to have his payments eliminated, but chose to mediate a deal without court assistance instead.

In addition to the struggle with child support, Sheen and his ex-wife are also trying to sort out custody issues. Currently, the ex-wife doesn’t have custody because she has been struggling with mental health issues. If she regains custody, then the old support agreement would go into effect again, according to the recently brokered deal.

Many parents run into circumstances where they have to consider changing their current child support arrangement. A person may want to be financially supportive of their children, but a major change in financial circumstances might make that impossible under an existing arrangement. By seeking a court-approved modification, a more manageable arrangement could be put into place.

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