Alabama parents can land in jail for back child support payments

Child support discussions usually come up when a marriage or relationship ends and children are involved. Courts usually order child support to be paid to the parent who has full custody of the child. Unfortunately, there are times when the parents who are responsible for paying child support end up in a financial spot, resulting in delinquency of child support payments. However, Alabama parents who intentionally fail to meet their obligations could be charged for non-payment of child support. A 41-year-old father found himself in a bind when he was unable to pay child support. In September of last year, the man entered a plea of guilty for failure to pay over $87,000 in back child support payments. He was sentenced to probation and, under the agreement, he was required to obtain employment and pay the money back. However, he did not adhere to the agreement and did not secure … Continue reading Alabama parents can land in jail for back child support payments

Safeguarding kids during divorce

Many couples fear getting divorced for the sake of the children. Children are oftentimes the most vulnerable when Alabama parents divorce due to guilt and confusion. However, there are effective ways to handle the matter with children while divorcing. There are substantial needs of children while parents go through the divorce process. One of the needs is acceptance. Kids usually take it personal by placing blame on themselves for the marriage ending, and parents may want to assure them that they are number one. Another need for children is assurance and safety. Parents may need to go above and beyond to ensure that their children’s protection is substantial. It’s vital that parents keep the same routines and assure their children that their environment is predictable instead of having significant changes. Another need for children is structure, especially since there could be a loss of the family leader in the household. … Continue reading Safeguarding kids during divorce