5 tips for choosing the right divorce attorney in Alabama

Going through a divorce can be upsetting and difficult, however, choosing the right attorney to represent them may help ease the stress for people.

Not all those who get married in Birmingham, and throughout Alabama, live happily ever after with their spouses. In fact, the Alabama Department of Public Health reported that there were an average of 48.8 divorces each day in 2013. Often, people seek the assistance of an attorney to represent them, and help guide them through the divorce process. While many legal representatives may be qualified, not every lawyer is right for every person and family. These tips, however, may help people to choose the right divorce attorney to represent them.

1. Research potential attorneys

It is not generally advisable to just choose a name out of the phone book when selecting a divorce lawyer. Instead, it is recommended that people research potential attorneys. This may include asking friends, family members or other acquaintances for recommendations. It may also be helpful for people to look into the records of those attorneys that they are considering.

2. Choose an attorney, not a therapist

There is often a range of emotions at play at the end of a marriage. While it is important for people express their feelings, this is not why they are hiring an attorney. The purpose of obtaining legal representation is to help people navigate the divorce process, including dissolving their assets and resolving other, related issues. Therefore, it is advisable that people choose their attorneys based on their qualifications and experience, rather than their willingness or ability to listen to them vent.

3. Ensure personal styles mesh

Although people’s primary concerns when selecting a divorce attorney should not necessarily be on his or her personal support, it is important to make sure that their potential representatives’ styles mesh with their own. People will have to discuss details about their personal lives with their divorce lawyers, and rely on them to look out for their interests in negotiations and in court. As such, dummies.com points out that people need to feel comfortable with whoever they choose to represent them in their divorce proceedings.

To this end, it is advisable for those who are divorcing to interview multiple attorneys before selecting one. This may help ensure the attorney they choose will act in accordance with their basic attitude or philosophy toward their divorce. For example, it would not be helpful for someone who wants to achieve an amicable resolution to his or her divorce to choose an aggressive and adversarial attorney.

4. Form a budget

Unfortunately, money is often a concern for people who are considering a divorce. As such, it may be useful for them to establish a budget for their attorney’s fees and other court expenses prior to starting their search. When conducting interviews, it is suggested that people ask potential attorneys about their fee schedules and retainers. This may help rule out lawyers who are unaffordable, saving people time and stress.

5. Make the most out of initial consultations

During initial consultations, attorneys will often ask people questions about their marriages and objectives in order to offer advice regarding how they can best achieve their goals. MORE Magazine recommends that people pay close attention to how the attorneys listen to them during these interviews. It is important that people feel comfortable speaking openly with their attorneys, and have confidence that they will address their concerns.

Going through a divorce can be a trying experience for people in Alabama, and elsewhere. However, having the right attorney may help ease their stress, and make the process less traumatic.