Singer Mandy Moore requests spousal support for pet care

Celebrities are among others in Alabama and beyond for whom divorce remains an ongoing issue. Music artists Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore recently divorced after a six-year marriage. There has been a turn of events in their situation regarding a recent legal request filed by Ms. Moore pertaining to spousal support.

Ms. Moore has asked the court to order spousal support for specific needs that have arisen in the aftermath of her divorce. While this is not an uncommon request from those who have incomes far below that of their former spouses, the apparent reason for the request in this case may be a bit unique. Moore claims that she needs her former husband’s financial support in order to care of the eight pets the two acquired together during their marriage.

Two dogs and six cats remain in her care; she reportedly earns far less than her former husband’s monthly income of approximately $150,000. Therefore, according to her recently filed legal documents, she has requested $37,000 a month until the divorce is made final. Moore has also requested that Ryan Adams, to whom she used to be married, should take custody of four of the pets in the meantime.

In Alabama, spousal support is sometimes awarded by a judge, to be paid for a certain length of time, either in increments or, in rare cases, as a lump sum of money. The court tends to look upon alimony as a rehabilitative measure, paid to a former spouse who needs financial help until he or she can obtain gainful employment, improved education or other means toward a sustainable future. Such issues can be quite complicated and stressful for those involved. It is typically beneficial to seek legal counsel through an experienced family law attorney regarding such matters.

Source:, “Mandy Moore wants spousal support in divorce from Ryan Adams in order to take care of pets“, Tyler White, Dec. 14, 2015