9 social media mistakes that can hurt you in a divorce

Social media can be a source of great comfort and support when people are going through difficult situations, including divorce. It can also give people an outlet to vent their anger and frustration. Because of this, many people going through a divorce often turn to social media.

However, social media can also do considerable damage to your case if you engage in certain behaviors or post certain types of information. In fact, you could wind up damaging your reputation in the eyes of the court, revealing lies you might have told or even jeopardizing your rights as a parent.

Mistakes that can damage your image

  1. Harassing your ex through unwanted contact, bullying or making threats
  2. Hacking into an ex’s accounts
  3. Posting inflammatory, untrue and/or hurtful comments about an ex

Mistakes that challenge your honesty

  1. Sharing pictures of extravagant purchases that you did not disclose during property division discussions
  2. Being active on dating websites before a divorce contradicting claims you were faithful
  3. Checking in at places you said you were avoiding or when you said you were somewhere else

Mistakes that could jeopardize your rights

  1. Sharing statuses that reveal participation in illegal activity
  2. Posting pictures of your children in dangerous situations
  3. Supporting or showing displays of violent, abusive behaviors or attitudes

These and similar mistakes are easy to make online because people tend to share every detail of their life on social media. People also fail to appreciate the fact that social media activity can be used as evidence in a divorce and that even though you think you are posting something privately, it can easily become public.

To avoid these mistakes and the damage they can do to your case during a divorce, it could be wise to try to avoid social media altogether. If you do decide to remain engaged in Facebook, Instagram and other sites, then do so with caution. Imagine every interaction, click and update you make being shared with a judge in court.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about social media and its impact on your divorce, it can be wise to consult an attorney.