Child custody, divorce issues impact children’s health

Parents facing divorce must take many issues into consideration. It can be hard to balance the needs of the children as well as amicably resolving the issues of the divorce. Alabama families will sort out child custody among other divorce considerations during divorce proceedings. A recent article also reveals how a divorce can impact the future health of children of divorced parents.

A new study suggests that early life stressful experiences can alter physiological and inflammatory responses in the bodies of children and make them more susceptible to poor health and chronic illness. The early stress related with a bitter divorce can possibly affect children’s lives even decades later. The study found that children of divorced parents who don’t speak are at increased risk for colds as adults.

The study included more than 200 adults. It found that children of parents who lived apart and did not talk to each other were more than three times likely to get a cold than parents who stayed together. Children of parents who separated but remained in contact had no increased risk for a cold. While the study does acknowledge that the circumstances were an association and not a cause-and-effect link, the researchers do find that early childhood stress does appear to affect the immune system in important, measurable ways.

Splitting child custody, and maintaining amicable relationships can be a good way to reduce unnecessary stress for innocent children. Divorce is a complicated issue, and in Alabama, parents who are divorcing may each wish to consult with a lawyer. A lawyer can be of assistance when resolving child custody arrangements and visitation, and can help the client keep the best interests of the children centered during divorce proceedings.

Source:, “When a divorce turns bitter, kids’ immune systems may pay a price”, June 6, 2017