Should Alabama spouses be concerned about alimony?

Couples in Alabama planning to divorce will want to take note of state laws before attempting to resolve various family law issues. When negotiating a settlement, many are often concerned about the possibility of future alimony payments.  An experienced attorney can help clients understand their rights during a divorce and explain how alimony, also known as spousal support, might be applied in their particular situation.

Divorce is often complicated. Every family’s situation is different, and negotiations regarding standard of living, future upbringing and care of children and property division are usually more productive when each party seeks guidance from an experienced attorney. Unique situations sometimes have bearing on a court’s decision, such as when one spouse has placed his or her career or educational pursuits on hold, or has made a significant contribution to the other spouse’s educational or career advancement.

With regard to future shared parenting, most parents want what is best for their children, including as smooth a transition as possible into the future. In Alabama, a spouse seeking answers to questions about such matters can contact The Rose Law Firm, LLC,  in order to seek clarification on state laws and obtain professional guidance before determining how best to proceed. Our seasoned legal team is prepared to offer sound counsel and support in order to achieve an amicable settlement.

Those especially concerned with alimony laws and/or child support would also be able to obtain information regarding the factors considered by the court when determining future support payments. The court typically awards alimony to a spouse as financial support to provide for needs and expenses as he or she moves forward in life, based upon consideration of a number of specific factors. The Rose Law Firm is dedicated to making your needs a priority and working to achieve a settlement that is in your best interests.