Divorced parents should make preparations for the new school year

When two people decide to get divorced, they may not be the only ones affected by the decision. Beyond the two spouses, any children they have will be impacted by divorce as well. Certainly, divorce require families to make adjustments, but there are ways to make the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Many divorced parents share child custody, and as summer is coming to a close and the school year is approaching, arrangements may need to be made to help the kids be successful. On a very basic level, parents should try to work with each other to create a school-year parenting plan that reflects the child’s best interests.

One of the first things parents might want to arrange is how their kids will make it to school and other activities every day. If parents share physical custody, then it will be important to coordinate who will ensure the children will get to school and have a way to get home. Failing to take care of this simple step can be the source of anxiety for a child and potential conflict between his or her parents.

Furthermore, back-to-school shopping is a big deal for many kids. Buying new clothes and school supplies can be fun, but it can also be financially demanding — particularly with one income. Parents can include provisions in their divorce settlement to outlay payments for school supplies or make arrangements to split the cost.

Newly divorced parents may not know exactly how to handle all the aspects of starting school, but a trustworthy attorney can provide advice. Taking time to get ready for the school year can prevent a lot of stress down the road.

Source: The Washington Times, “9 back to school tips for divorced families,” Myra Fleischer, Aug. 15, 2013