Mother loses child custody after night of drinking

A teen and her 8-year-old sibling were taken into protective custody recently. Alabama residents may have learned that a mother was charged with child neglect after her 13-year-old daughter was found drunk. Now, the mother has lost child custody — not to the other parent, but to the state.

Reports were received by authorities about a possible fight at a motel. When authorities arrived, they discovered the woman’s daughter in the bathroom, drunk and passed out. Reportedly, the teen was drunk to the point that she needed medical care. In addition, the mother and her boyfriend were among those who were intoxicated. The mother informed authorities that she and a group of other people were playing a drinking game on the motel room floor.

She believes that her teen snuck the alcoholic beverages. At a recent court appearance, the judge determined that the children would not be returned back to the mother, who is staying at a motel. When she responded to the judge, she reportedly seemed to be disoriented. Currently, the 8-year-old sibling is residing with family and the teen is being treated at a hospital.

This case is likely an emotional experience for the family of those involved. Like most parents, the mother would likely want her daughter to be returned to her. When a child is under DCF supervision, parents may have to meet certain requirements before having the chance to regain child custody. It’s important for Alabama parents to gain thorough knowledge about local state laws in order to safeguard legal rights to their children.

Source:, “Mother denied custody of children after drunken teen found in bathroom“, , Sept. 9, 2014