Paternal grandparents get child custody, mother of twins charged

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that is said to affect many women after giving birth to a child. In a recent case outside Alabama, the mother of twins entered a guilty plea of two counts of misdemeanor child abuse and is now facing jail time. She claims that her acts were brought on by her depressed mental state. Child custody was given to the boys’ paternal grandparents, and according to the district attorney, they are now doing fine.

The 26-year-old mother, allegedly suffering from postpartum depression, is accused of leaving her 5-month-old sons in their child carriers for extended periods of time. It has been reported that the woman never bathed her babies. In her statement to the court, she said that the reason for this is that she feared that bathing the babies would cause them to drown. Both infants are said to have suffered from rashes that were infected, as well as insect bites on their bodies.

It was stated in court that the twins’ grandmother took them to a medical center. The doctors in attendance would not permit the babies’ seat carriers to be brought into the hospital. It is alleged that the carriers were infested with roaches and reeked of urine. The doctors immediately notified authorities.

The original charges brought against the mother were felonies. Due to a plea arrangement, those charges were lowered to misdemeanors and the woman was sentenced to serve two 60 day jail terms. The judge later suspended that sentence and ordered her to a 24 day supervised probation.

It can be a very stressful experience when a close family member is suffering from a condition that is affecting the care of children in a negative way. Family members in Alabama, who, like the grandparents in this case, believe that children are being neglected or abused and are hoping to gain child custody, may wish to consult an experienced family law attorney for advice. Such advice may prove beneficial before proceeding in a court of law.

Source:, “Forsyth County woman convicted of neglecting twin sons“, Jan.9, 2015