Property division and other divorce matters can cause conflict

Choosing to get a divorce may be one of the hardest decisions a person has to make in Alabama. However, the decision to divorce may be just as hard for the soon-to-be-ex, particularly when the two can’t agree on major matters such as property division or child custody. This can sometimes motivate the scorned lover to attempt to ruin the other person’s reputation, which may be easy to accomplish if the other individual hasn’t taken steps to protect himself or herself.

According to a new study, only a little more than 30 percent of people asked their exes to immediately delete the other party’s personal information after splitting up. This personal content may include intimate photos and passwords, for example. In addition, one-fifth of respondents said they were apt to log in to a spouse’s account on Facebook once per month or more.

Furthermore, 30 percent of those who participated in the survey said they had “cyber-stalked” a lover’s ex-spouse on a social media site. An ex-lover, particularly following a rocky divorce, may easily try to damage the other person’s credit score or smear his or her name online, simply by having access to the individual’s personal financial and social-networking account information. This is why changing passwords and other private information is critical during a divorce proceeding.

Getting a divorce can be a complicated process both emotionally and financially. However, the more that two divorcing parties are on the same page with regard to property division and other relevant subjects, the easier it may be for them to transition to their new lives. If the two individuals, however, don’t agree on how to handle their assets, a judge will have to determine how these assets should be distributed in Alabama.

Source:, “Divorcing? Protect your finances, personal data”, Jason Alderman, July 23, 2014