Sherri Shepherd decides she doesn’t want child custody

Actress and TV host, Sherri Shepherd, has been even more in the spotlight due to her recent divorce filing. Divorce comes with many matters for Alabama spouses to iron out, including child custody, and this case is no exception. In an unusual twist of events, Shepherd has requested not to have custody of the surrogate unborn baby.

Shepherd and her newly estranged husband got married three years ago. At some point in time, Shepherd realized that she could no longer have children, which prompted her and her husband to take further action. They obtained services from a surrogate mother who became pregnant through in-vitro fertilization by a donated egg and the husband’s sperm. Initially, the husband requested for the court to grant him legal and full custody.

The baby is expected to be born in the coming month, but Shepherd does not want to have anything to do with raising the child. According to reports, Shepherd wants no responsibilities or any parental rights. Shepherd stated that her estranged husband planned on divorcing her before the baby was conceived so that he could later request child-support payments.

It is not uncommon for spouses who are divorcing to battle over child custody. It’s important for Alabama spouses to remember that it’s not about them, but about what’s in the best interest of the children. In this case, Shepherd does not want to have custody of the unborn baby and does not want to have any ties. The family court system will rule in this case, which could result in foster care.

Source: New York Post, “Unborn child faces uncertain fate in Sherri Shepherd’s divorce war“, Andrea Peyser, July 14, 2014